All about the E Cig


What is an e cig? E-cig is actually a very helpful replacement for the tobacco cigarettes. The earliest e cigarette was devised by Herbert A Gilbert in 1963 but the modern day e cigarette was first created by Hon Lik, a Chinese Pharmacist in 2000.

If you are thinking that nothing can averse the harmful effects of smoking a cigarette than you are wrong. In sharp contrast to the conventional tobacco cigarettes, the electronic cigarette uses electronic vaporizers that actually vaporize the nicotine with butyl liquids and produces the same effect produced by nicotine in tobacco cigarette. In an electronic cigarette or e cig, the tobacco doesn’t not use; this makes it a healthy thing to use. All the more, no harmful smoke is produced by using an electric cigarette.

Smoking is injurious to health. But, with the introduction of this tobacco free nicotine, it has changed the e cig smoking into an entertaining and harmless activity. This replacement is like a boon to those people who are addicted to smoking and do not even realize the harmful effects of smoking. The electric cigarette actually provides a nicotine effect without causing a number of diseases like lung or heart diseases as the main culprit behind lung or heart diseases, tobacco is absent in these cigs.

The electronic cigarette, through a process called vaporization, converts the propylene butyl liquids into white colored smoke containing nicotine and different flavors produces the effects equivalent to the effects created by nicotine in a tobacco cigarette. So, without the usage of tobacco, the e cigarette gives the identical effect as of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

As smoking through this way is proved to carry no harmful effects, not even a slightest problem, many people have started using them and the demand for this rapidly rose. In short, with the e cig, the enjoyment is guaranteed without disturbing your health.

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